Those Dram Yinzers

A whiskey podcast hosted by good friends Jon and Zack. Come along on their journey as they improve their knowledge and palates.

Attention ladies, gentlemen and my fellow yinzers. Welcome to Those Dram Yinzers. The Burgh’s very first whiskey podcast hosted by Jon and Zack. Follow the guys on their journey to learn all things whiskey.


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Time to go back to their roots.
A shorter episode with your favorite dram yinzers.
Join them as they sip on some of Wild Turkey’s Kentucky Spirit.
Then take a detour to episode 1 and try Makers and Buffalo side by side again.
Bourbon, it’s not just for boys.
Michelle Gravante joins the dram yinzers for the final PWF admin interview. She brought along a gauntlet of whiskies for them to try.
Things start out a little different this episode because the first whiskey is not even a whiskey, its vodka from Castle & Key who was home to the first female master distiller Marianne Barnes.
Check out Castle & Key!
Bart Scott’s Cats of the Castle book
Zack and Jon sit down with the next admin for the Pittsburgh Whisk(e)y Friends, Alex Szokolyai. The yinzers learn a bit more about scotch and some other . . . spirits. Had to keep this as one episode, too good to split up.
The second half of the interviews dive a little more into the inner workings of the festival. They talk the importance the festival has had on the tourism of Washington County, the evolution of the street performances and how the festival started.

The day finishes with a fun interview with the podcast partners in crime for the day, the YaJagoff podcast. Jon and Zack want to thank everyone who helped in making this a very successful day!

Washington County Chamber of Commerce

YaJagoff Podcast Listen to Jon and Zack on the YaJagoff podcast here
The yinzers head to Washington County for the Whiskey Rebellion Festival.
Part 1 includes interviews with the Steel City Rovers, the president of Woodville Plantation, the music coordinator for the festival and the one and only Herman from Dad’s Hat.
Steel City Rovers Woodville Plantation Dad’s Hat
Jon heads down to the bourbon trail and visits Angel’s Envy with some friends.
Have a listen to the round table as the guys discuss their whiskey journeys and give a rating for the Angel’s Envy Rye.
Make sure to come out to the Whiskey Rebellion Festival and see the yinzers in action at their booth in the main pavilion.
Find all information about the festival at
Part 2 with Bobby Long is here!
Lots of fun times in this episode.
You even hear a couple college stories.
We removed any last names to protect the innocent. As the title suggest, Bobby breaks Zack.
Jon and Zack sit down with their college / fraternity buddy Bobby Long in this two part episode.
Part 1 you will hear the guys talk about all things whiskey, from the Pappy line to different mouthy taste.
Bobby sets the boys up with 7 different high proof bourbons.
You get to hear the first 4 in this episode.
Don’t worry, part 2 is going to be a blast.
The yinzers sit down with Mr. Scott Ritenbaugh from Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends.
Scott brings them a nosing kit to test/improve their skills and some blind samples to try them out with.
As they always do when they have more than 2 whiskeys, the boys get a little silly.
Sit back relax and have a laugh with them. Cheers!
There may be no crying in baseball, but there is crying in this episode.
Thankfully it has nothing to do with bourbon! Jon and Zack review Old Forester 1920 while laughing about how this episode is going to sound with real life in the background.
Welcome back! We have a nice long episode ready for yinz. During our break Jon heading down to Liberty Pole for the Whiskey Rebellion Festival blending event. 7 distilleries got together to create a one of a kind rye whiskey blend. Listen to audio from the event as well as interviews with the distillers.
Whiskey Rebellion Festival / Special Reserve Rye info
A shorter episode for yinz this time.
Well let’s be real, any length would be shorter than the last one (That’s what she said??) We got our first podcast early access sample.
This is not on the shelves yet and we could be happier to be the first to review this sample.
We also talk about our trip to Liberty Pole with the Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends.
Lastly we discuss the new Patreon page we started for the show. Cheers to yinz!
Do we have a great show for you today!
So great that we didn’t want to split it up into two episodes.
So sit back, relax and have a dram or two for these next two hours.
We are joined by none other than the creator of Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends Mr. Aaron Hajduk.
He helps us review Liberty Pole’s Rye Whiskey.
Then Aaron opens up his Box o’ Fun for us.
8 different whiskey samples for us to try on the show.
Hilarity ensues as he forces us to question everything we think we know about whiskey.
It’s here yinz, the final FINAL advent calendar reviews. After charging through the last 5, Jon reveals all 25 whiskeys.
Jon, Zack and another special guest host try and finish up the Advent Calendar.
They conquer it, but it took over 2 hours.
So welcome to Part 1 of the final Advent Calendar review!
Welcome to the other half of Jon and Zack’s trip to Pennsylvania Libations.
This episode they were schooled in PA whiskeys and bourbons by the amazing Dana Dolney.
She talks about 9 different PA distilleries in this fun filled discussion.
You will also hear from Christian Simmons and Jeremy Noah. As with the last episode, the E is turned on folks.
It’s time to review #11-15 with a special guest host!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays yinz guys and gals!
We have a very special episode for you today.
It’s our very first interview episode!
We sat down with Christian Simmons, owner and CEO of Pennsylvania Libations.
The first and only privately owned liquor store.
Sit back and relax and listen to Christian tell his story
O and also, the E will be on for this one folks. MOM! It’s nothing that bad, we promise!
Zack and Jon review the Pgh Whisk(e)y Friends’ December 6th through the 10th whiskeys from their Advent Calendar.
Zack and Jon recap on the Whiskycast event including their ratings for the 4 whiskeys.
Next they talk about what they had to drink for Thanksgiving.
Jon held a poker night where he tried to record their conversation and they also discuss the bonus episodes coming your way (1 is already out).
Finally they try Wigle’s Single Barrel Straight Bourbon #74 made with organic red corn.
That’s correct its a bonus episode!! Jon and Zack drink the first 5 samples from the Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends Advent Calendar. Also the E is on this one, we might have dropped a couple swear words.
Nothing too bad Mom I swear!
That’s right folks, Jon and Zack go on many tangents in this episode.
So buckle up and enjoy the ride.
After they bring it all back to the show, they try Weller Special Reserve.
The yinzers discuss the (new to them) whiskey scene around the Pittsburgh area. The drink of choice tonight is E. H. Taylor Small Batch which is made by Buffalo Trace.
They also discuss some history about the distillery and how E. H. Taylor played a roll.
Jon and Zack discuss the idea they have for the show.
They drink two bourbons tonight, Buffalo Trace and Maker’s Mark which will be their control bourbons moving forward.
Welcome to the intro episode where Jon and Zack discuss the whats and whys of the show