Ep 057 Whiskey Rebellion Fest 22 Part 2 n’at

Josh from Thrifty Whiskey joins Jon and Zack at the Whiskey Rebellion Festival (part 1). While the past couple years have been a lot of the same voices joining us, this year Jon and Zack have a whole new group of guests! Be sure to check out Thrifty Whiskey’s YouTube page for a video component to this podcast.

[3:24] Amy Wadas – KDKA
[8:06] Shana Brown – Parade Director
[20:00] Terri Perry – Street Theater Director/Rachel Holcroft & Pete Fernbaugh – Alexander Hamilton
[42:46] Michael and Steven – Small Batch Gifts LLC

The Ohio Valley Cloak & Dagger Company

Small Batch Gifts LLC

Thrifty Whiskey

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