Barrel Room Charity Cocktail Party – A Night Among the Barrels

The Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends recently hosted a charity event in partnership with Liberty Pole Spirits at their distillery in Historic Washington, PA. The event was part of the Drams-For-Fams Initiative with proceeds going to the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

Event Details:

The Colonial-themed private cocktail party was held in the barrel room at Liberty Pole Spirits on the evening of Saturday November 16th 2019.

The event also included a charity auction, where baskets, assembled by members of the Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends, as well as donations from local businesses and community organizations were auctioned off to raise more funds.

A Strolling Dinner Menu was served which included the following:
• Large Antipasti Tray with Charcuterie, Premium Cheeses, Artisan Olives, etc…
• Top Sirloin Sliders, Sliced Rare, with Horseradish sauce
• Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
•Meatballs in Marinara Sauce
• Stuffed Mushrooms
• Smoked Garlic Pepper Salmon Fillet with Toast Points and Crackers

There were four cocktails paired with the food:
• Lemon Basil Cocktail + Meatballs & Marinara

• Blood and Sand + Smoked Garlic Salmon

• Liberty Pole Negroni + Antipasti (assorted charcuterie, olives and cheeses etc.)

• Liberty Pole Old Fashioned + Beef Sirloin sliders

There were also two exclusive experiences offered in Liberty Pole’s Barrel Room:

• A progressive tasting of the spirit from the product straight from the still, and at various points of maturity. Barrels were set aside and patrons could sample directly from the barrel in this progressive tasting experience.

• After the progressive tasting, patrons were invited to sample – straight from the barrel – experimental and prototype whiskies as well as an exclusive tasting of products not yet available by the bottle.

A great time was had by all in attendance and over $1600 was raised for the charity!

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