Who Are The Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends?

Well, I’m glad you asked….

The goal of this group is to bring Pittsburgh and Western PA Whiskey drinkers together for discussions, shares, information, education, events, and a shared appreciation of all things Whiskey. When our founder Aaron Hajduk started PWF about 3 years ago his goal was trying to find other people that also had an interest in whiskey. In his own words:

I like that social interaction side of things. I like meeting people that have similar interests. I couldn’t find anything in Pittsburgh. There’s always big craft beer groups, but I couldn’t find anything around whiskey. And I was like, “How is this possible? Are there not people like me who are interested in this? Or that enjoy these things?”

That’s when he decided to create Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends, but why did he choose to name us that? Again in his own words:

It all starts with the name. When I was naming the group, I was trying to come up with a name that has built into it a sense of comradery, friendship. I was like, “We’re going to call it Pittsburgh Whiskey Friends.” Because by having friends in there I was hoping it would curtail right up front this is not a place where you can bash people, it’s a place where we can talk with one another like you would talk with your friends. It’s a no judgement zone. We’re not snobby.

So we would like to welcome you to our page, and if you are from Pittsburgh or the Western PA area, we hope that you come to check us out at one of our upcoming events.

Cheers Friends!

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